Take the first step towards elevating your retail game.

Learn key retail merchandising strategies for building materials companies and optimize your in-store and ecommerce presence.

To win in big box retail, BPM brands need insider merchandising strategies for today’s competitive environment. From developing coveted relationships with retail gatekeepers to mastering authentic sustainability claims (no greenwashing!), learn the secrets to getting noticed in the aisle.

Despite the rise of ecommerce, shopping in-store still rules. Case in point: Home Depot’s annual report shared online sales were just 14.2% of total revenue.

Sharpen your merchandising edge by watching our recent webinar. We were joined by special guest and retail expert Randy Golenberg of Spark Your Brand to reveal cutting-edge big box merchandising tactics.

You’ll take away:

  • The keys to getting noticed in competitive store aisles
  • Understanding the vital merchant’s role
  • The importance of showcasing genuine sustainability efforts

These actionable, insider tips optimize your brand’s in-store visibility and drive sales through strategic merchandising focused on what matters most now — from the aisles to the consumers.