Speaking Natalia Gonzalez September 8, 2022
Megan Kacvinsky, CEO

Megan’s background in digital marketing, coupled with her business savvy, creates a powerful approach to bridging the gap between business and marketing strategy. She has driven the transformation of marketing programs for Fortune 500, mid-market and small businesses—understanding the nuance of what each organization needs to be successful. Her approach is not one-size fits all, she carefully observes and taps into the needs of the organization to craft bespoke recommendations that drive high impact.

Jake Kellogg, VP Creative + Strategy
Jake Kellogg, VP, Strategy & Creative

Jake is relentlessly focused in grounding his marketing recommendations in uniquely ownable customer insights. His favorite question is ‘Why?’, to which he leverages the responses to play out strategic solutions in a way that may (initially) seem to be unconnected. His approach brings together the vision of an organization based on the needs of their customers and provides a solution that is grounded in truth. He is then able to connect the strategic alignment all the way through to the creative and execution—ensuring the output drives results.