Brand Redevelopment Natalia Gonzalez September 9, 2022
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How we do it

For brand redevelopment to move the needle, we need to know more about what makes your building materials brand unlike any other.

To do this, we explore three things:

  1. Internal insight into what you think makes you unique.
  2. External insight from customers about what they think makes you unique.
  3. An understanding of the competitive landscape to identify a true differentiator.
We get to the heart of the truths that are woven through all three insights to come up with a distinguishing brand narrative. We also conduct stakeholder and end-user interviews, perform competitive analysis research and use our industry intel to inform the best strategies for your brand.
  • OSI A fresh, competitive edge for a long-trusted window and siding product brand.
  • American Standard Flash Valve Breaking through the noise and making an impact in a Flash.