Leveraging what you already have to grow your business

This isn’t a shady “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a tried and true way to further leverage and scale the investments you already made in developing effective content. As a B2B marketing agency, we define effective content as information that helps a buyer discern, understand or solve his or her problems.

Here’s how it starts.

First, be sure you have a clear understanding of what your buyer views as vital to their business (you created a buyer persona first, right?). Use these insights to serve as the lens through which you review your existing content.

Next, conduct an inventory (a spreadsheet is useful here) of your content, to input each piece of content and assess the following through the lens of your buyer:

  • Content topic
  • Format – video, brochure, blog post, infographic, email, etc.
  • Analytics – time on page/site, click-throughs, social shares, etc.
  • Current usage – where and how the content is used today (website, email, social, etc.)
  • Potential usage – where and how the content could be used in the future
  • Relevance – is the content relevant to your buyer or not?
  • Keywords used
  • Location – webpage link
  • Purpose – educational, promotional, etc.
  • Stage – where in the buyer’s journey this content falls (awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion)

Finally, use the insights from the content inventory to inform how the existing content assets can be repurposed, refreshed or re-shared through various applicable communications channels used by your buyer. These channels should include everything from your website and emails to social media posts and beyond.

Remember that not all content fits into each channel’s directive. Some are better suited for smaller venues or more extended medias. For example, a quick how-to message can be a social media post or a blog post rather than an ebook or whitepaper.

The key here is to take context to your content: deliver the right content, in the right format, to the right people, at the right time. This will create a closer relationship and a more personalized and relevant experience to your target audience.

Enjoying what you are reading? Want to talk about how it applies to your business?