W&W Glass Jordan Stewart December 1, 2022

Point to Point Leveraged Brand Redevelopment to Create a Unique, Stand-Alone Presence

Strategic partnerships helped W&W Glass build its name in the market

W&W Glass began as a small, family-owned installer of metal and glass building facades in New York City. Through decades of experience and strategic partnerships — like one with Pilkington Planar — W&W Glass grew to national recognition in the structural glass category. 

But the market was shifting. Their previous partnerships could no longer deliver on the design expectations for today’s building design styles. W&W Glass needed to move away from its association with Pilkington Planar. 

The Challenge: Uncouple from a partner brand while retaining relevance in the market

W&W Glass wanted to elevate its own structural glass specification expertise and be seen as a stand-alone brand in the market. Since their success had been heavily tied to Pilkington Planar, the initiative was met with some trepidation.

W&W Glass needed its internal team to recommit to the brand and believe in its ability to establish itself outside of its relationship with Pilkington Planar. They also required that the market view the value of the solo brand.

W&W Glass wanted current customers and new markets to see that the expertise of W&W glass was inherent in their brand and not tied to previous partnerships.

The Solution: A differentiated brand that can stand by itself

Point to Point used its process of insight identification — looking closely at competitors, the W&W Glass brand, and their audience — to identify a unique value proposition. The insights uncovered enabled us to create a revitalized brand identity. 

We change the face of every building.

From there, Point to Point was able to reintroduce W&W Glass to the market in exciting, compelling, and differentiated ways. The brand’s marketing materials, including the website, brochures, and customer care packs (specifications/bids), were updated through the lens of this new messaging. Additionally, the brand’s look (photography styling, font choices, and website templates/page layouts) was modernized to complement the messaging.


The Results: A revitalized market position leading to business growth

W&W Glass is now a family-managed, 100% employee-owned business focused on structural glass design and installation. Their new brand position has been met with energy and enthusiasm.


The internal team is aligned around what makes the brand special and excited about the new direction


W&W Glass is winning more bids as the market embraces its differentiated position


The organization has a clearer growth path as its own brand