Surface Resources Jordan Stewart November 14, 2022

Point to Point’s Brand Identity Process Helped a Flooring Solutions Business Reach Its Potential

Surface Resources fills a gap for customers in the region

Surface Resources delivers sustainable flooring solutions to the desert Southwest. Previously, this market was underserved by sustainable flooring distributors. However, by establishing relationships with leading flooring brands, Surface Resources now brings these sought-after options to designers, architects, and specifiers.

The Challenge: Strengthen a brand and establish a digital presence for a growing business

Surface Resources had big growth goals. And the potential was there. After all, they were one of the only distributors of sustainable flooring options in their area. 

However, the business had no established website. Their digital presence was the founder’s LinkedIn page. And although they are a company focused on design and sustainability, these qualities were not shining through in any marketing efforts. 

For growth to happen, the company knew it needed to create a stronger brand value proposition and invest in a robust online presence.


The Solution: A unique value proposition, logo, and website that reflects the brand’s distinctive insights

Point to Point applied our three-step brand identity process to identify and strengthen the core tenets of the Surface Resources brand before moving into website execution.

Step 1: Differentiation

Through this discovery process, we uncovered unique insights about their business, their target audience, and their competition. This led us to three key differentiators that Surface Resources could leverage to stand out from the competition.

Step 2: ID Creation

Following the first step, we employed an iterative approach to logo development. We knew the visual representation had to reflect the essence of the brand. We started with sketches and black-and-white concepts before moving into full-color execution. We finally landed on a logo for Surface Resources that is a visual descriptor for the brand’s product offering.

Step 3: Messaging and Visual Branding

Just as important as the logo are the elements that surround it. Surface Resources now has messaging and imagery that work together to establish and reinforce the brand’s identity. 

Point to Point’s work with Surface Resources culminated in the creation of the website. The new digital property incorporates the logo as well as strong copy and imagery that reflects the brand’s value and differentiators.

The Results: A strong brand identity that drives an elevated position in the market

The Surface Resources brand and website are now a better expression of the company’s true essence. The website conveys the high-end sophistication of the brands they represent. It also establishes the visual and messaging framework for future marketing collateral.

Since this was the first website for Surface Resources, the goal was to create benchmarks for the business to build on. Therefore a dashboard was produced to monitor page views, forms, and other KPIs.

Already, Surface Resources is seeing the impact of this work:


Business results are on track to meet or exceed growth goals.


Website metrics show consistent improvements post-launch.


Website metrics show consistent improvements post-launch.