LOCTITE® Surface Repair Jordan Stewart December 1, 2022

How Point to Point Used Account-Based Marketing to Propel Global Adoption of a New Product

Loctite’s products respond to the needs of their customers

Loctite offers a wide range of adhesive solutions that span both industrial and commercial applications. The brand’s strong expertise and capability to offer total solutions have positioned them as a global market leader.

The growth of mining explorations and manufacturing activities around the world has created a need for more wear-resistant coatings. With the ability to meet unique customer needs, Loctite developed a surface repair product line specifically for the extraction industry.

The Challenge: Create demand for a new product as proof of concept for an expanded rollout

Loctite’s product launch focused on releasing a series of new products specifically targeting extraction industries (mining, cement, steel, and power plants). The launch needed to successfully introduce and position the product. It also needed to drive demand for the new product line with maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, and maintenance service providers.

The new product line is available worldwide, but Loctite wanted to focus the initial launch on two key markets. This would provide a proof of concept for the campaign and inform the global introduction. 

The Solution: Identify target markets and drive adoption through product sampling

Point to Point used a combination of account-based marketing (ABM) tactics and product launch capabilities to develop a unique solution for Loctite.

Using an 11-point matrix, we analyzed 15 target accounts by looking at sales, competitive, and product data. Based on the analysis, a two-tiered strategy was created for the product launch in two pilot regions.


An ABM approach that focused on target companies in extraction industries


A general market strategy for industries that also use machinery experiencing the same wear as extraction

A variety of channels — including email marketing, online advertising, distributor digital properties, search, and social — were deployed to drive traffic to a landing page where visitors requested a sample of the new product.

Once a customer completed the request form, they received a lead score and were placed into a nurture sequence. Separate experiences were created based on whether they were an ABM target or part of the general adhesives market.

Highly-qualified leads were then routed to the Loctite sales team for follow-up. Customers were also retargeted through display and social media to keep the brand and new product line top of mind.


The Results: A campaign model that can scale worldwide


The campaign built organizational confidence in the practice of offering product samples as a way to drive behavior change and impact sales


Both regional pilots successfully achieved customer acquisition targets


The regional pilots provided proof of concept for an ABM approach during a product launch and informed the campaign as it scaled globally