LOCTITE Jordan Stewart February 27, 2023

Point to Point Helped an Adhesive Product Brand Launch a New Product and Stand Out from the Competition

Loctite aimed to change the industry’s view on adhesives

As the global leader in industrial adhesives, Loctite’s largest target audience is maintenance and repair workers. This group of professionals is committed to ensuring that machines and equipment assemblies stay in top working order — or can be fixed quickly. 

However, many of these potential Loctite customers are loyal to the mechanical fastener market, which Loctite views as its biggest competition.

Enter the re-launch of Threadlocker 243. Theadlocker 243 had been updated and needed to be relaunched, creating an opportunity for Loctite to reinforce the product’s power over the competition and reminding customers that an adhesive fastener could deliver the needed results.

The Challenge: Capture the attention of a skeptical audience and increase new product demand

Loctite needed to attract the attention of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) industrial designers/process engineers, managers, and staff mechanics. They wanted the audience to see their thread-locking adhesive as a viable alternative to metal fasteners. And once the audience believed it, Loctite needed them to buy the product. 

The Solution: Deliver a unique perspective of the product’s key advantage that would be instantly recognizable

This campaign couldn’t rely on the same, more technical messages that Loctite had used previously. Instead, it needed a new way to grab (and keep) the audience’s attention so that Loctite could prove the capabilities of Threadlocker 243.

Point to Point started with the creation of a big demo, something so over the top that it didn’t simply tell people that Threadlocker 243 adhesive was stronger. It showed them. 

A video demonstration pitted Loctite’s adhesive against the competition — a metal fastener. Filmed in a California mine, two identical 3,000-pound loads were hoisted 130-feet into the air with 712 pounds of force. One load was fastened with Threadlocker 243. One load was not. It took only 45 seconds for the load secured only with an industrial screw to come crashing to the ground. But the load fastened with Loctitie’s product remained secure.

Once the audience turned their attention to Loctite, Point to Point followed up with comprehensive digital and social campaigns targeting the construction industry. Extended versions of the video were also created where Loctite engineers explained more about Threadlocker 243, creating additional interest in the product and prompting professionals to seek out supplemental information and purchasing options.

Person applying LOCTITE to a bold (left). Two people tightening a bolt with Loctite affixed to a crane's cable (right).
Two people tightening a bolt without Loctite affixed to a crane's cable (left). Workers standing next to large weights attached to two cranes, one with Loctite, one without (right).
Cranes lifting weights into the air (left). The weight without Loctite applied falls from a tall height (right).
Loctite Failure in the Balance landing page.

The Results: Increased product sales and improved perception from a once doubtful audience

What made this a successful approach? It addressed a problem that has plagued ‌the industry for decades — reducing vibrational loosening. A wide variety of maintenance and repair professionals understood the broad applicability. As a result, it could be shared with customers around the world.

While it was the creative that ultimately caught the attention of the audience, this campaign was grounded in unique customer insights. It acknowledged the current views of maintenance and repair professionals and what’s important to them. It also elevated a common problem in their day-to-day work and offered a solution. 

The combination of strong strategy and impactful creative persuaded the audience to think differently about an industry-held perception of adhesive vs. mechanical fasteners. 

As a result, the video amassed over 5.3 million views worldwide and product sales exceeded expectations.

Capabilities used: Brand RedevelopmentNew Product Launches

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