what-makes-architects-tickBefore you can begin marketing to an architect in hopes of getting your product specified, you have to first understand what makes them tick. It’s not only important, it’s absolutely necessary to have a clear understanding of how their creative minds work, what their challenges are, and how they evaluate and select building materials for projects.

Inside the mind of an architect

Some architects work at large design firms and have very specific roles where they use their strong design abilities day in and day out to bring big ideas to life. Other architects – the majority of whom are at smaller architecture firms – have a broader approach and can manage an entire project from start to finish.

We’ve met and marketed to countless architects over the years and here’s one thing we know: their minds work in fascinating ways. Architects are well educated, highly creative and take immense pride in every project. Typically male, they effectively utilizes both sides of their brain, paying close attention to analytical details like patterns, measurements, and design codes and deadlines. However, they are also focused on the big picture, including the business issues that impact a design, like total cost of ownership.

An architect’s creative brilliance doesn’t come without challenges.

Challenges and concerns

Architects can’t afford to just be creative thinkers. They must also be business savvy and consider how both economic conditions and product performance will impact their work. Ever since the industry was hit hard by the recession, growing budget concerns have forced architects to reevaluate the way they staff their firms and how they select products for their projects.

More than ever before, they are increasingly critical of product performance. Before making a product selection, architects consider various product characteristics including durability, sustainability, cost and aesthetics, weighing each one differently based on the project for which he’s specifying.

Architects are complex professionals and building products manufacturers must be mindful of how this audience evaluates and specifies products. Once there is a full understanding, a unique persona can be created so that companies like yours can build an impactful marketing effort to attract and engage this important audience segment.

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