In light of the recent downturn in commercial architecture specifications, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure your products stand out. Access this 30-minute webinar to gain insights that will equip you with essential strategies to enhance your competitive edge. 

The conversation is lead by Vardhan Mehta, CEO of Acelab and a registered Architect.  

As a leader in architectural innovation, Vardhan will guide you in exploring how your products can become the go-to standard for architects. This session will provide you with actionable strategies to increase your products’ exposure and integration into architectural projects, ensuring they are specified from the outset. 

Key Webinar Takeaways: 

  • Establishing Standards: Techniques to make your product essential in early design phases. 
  • Increasing Visibility: Methods to ensure your products are top of mind for architects during specification. 
  • Collaborative Relationships: Tips on using technology to help build and maintain strong connections with architectural firms.