Point To Point’s Customer Engagement team focuses on gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ audiences to inform and ensure sound marketing recommendations that best support the goals of both our clients and their buyers and customers. Our research methodology is used to define who an audience is, what their goals are, where, when and how they expect to accomplish those goals and why the experience with a brand is or is not working.

Our team utilizes various techniques including quantitative and qualitative research, such as surveys, in-depth-interviews, and contextual inquiries. These insights inform the development of personas, communication architectures and marketing communications plans, all of which allow our clients to more effectively market to their target audience segments and generate greater business impact.

The Customer Engagement team includes these research rockstars:

  • Samantha Beattie, Director of User Research & Engagement Strategy – experienced user researcher focused on user-centered design
  • Judy Znidar, Senior Associate, User Research Analyst – expertise in cross-cultural analysis, survey research methodology and multivariate analysis
  • Rachel Kemp, Senior Associate, User Research Analyst – extensive experience in consumer insights & behavior, survey design & methodology and data analysis

Chances are you don’t know your customers (or prospective customers) nearly as well as you should, which is likely impacting the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We can help. Drop us a note and we’ll make sure you get it right.