5 key words that ultimately describe our approach

Every quarter, the leadership team at Point To Point gets together offsite to learn, refresh and look at the agency through a different lense.

During a recent offsite, we went through an exercise to think about the best work each of us has ever done throughout our careers. When we shared, 5 key words emerged that were present in each of our success stories.

Let’s break down these 5 keys that allow us to deliver our best work

Collaboration – We share ideas equally. Everyone’s input is important regardless of agency or client hierarchy. Great work only occurs when ideas are freely accepted, no matter who brings them to the table. We achieve the client’s goals by working as one team.

Honesty – We must be ready to share creative ideas, approaches, and team dynamic concerns or we’ll have a hard time developing work that is meaningful. “Creative conflict” is the ability to honestly work through planning, creative and structure of the work without ever making it personal. Honesty takes good ideas to great ideas.

Vulnerability – It’s human nature to avoid vulnerability. But opening ourselves up makes relationships real. It’s vital to produce our best work. We’re not always the smartest people in the room. That’s okay. We’re free to say we don’t understand, to ask each other for help … creatively and literally. This ensures that the work is understood by all and not just a select few.

Curiosity – Have it in bunches. As an agency, we first delve deep into the clients’ customer and then use that to direct our learnings about the clients’ products and brand. We research, we educate and we ask questions and more questions based on early answers. We listen to the clients’ questions and use it to drive our work. Asking why and why over and over again often gets us to a deeper insight or understanding that we can then use in the execution of the strategy.

Trust – We all know that trust is earned. When we show clients that we’re willing to be the key words above, we do so in the spirit of doing our best work … together as one agency, one client and one team.

Success without being overbearing

As leaders of Point To Point, we don’t just preach these keys. Our strength is our approach to building leadership-level relationships with our team and with our clients. We’re hands-on leaders who are active with clients starting with the strategy process and with every campaign going forward.

Now before you get the idea that we’re overbearing as leaders, you haven’t been reading the blog. The keys above are important to us and we give our team and clients room to work. We’re also adaptive, understanding, empathetic and know how to get the best work out of every single person – internal, external and us included. Consider these keys every time that you look at an agency partner and make sure they’re delivering on the promise of not just delivering you good work, but great work. 

What are your thoughts or additional keys that you find lead to great work? Let’s set up 15 minutes so I can learn more about what makes you successful.

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