You’ve developed your architect persona and established your marketing strategy to speak to architects. Nice work! But sometimes, even the most informed plans fall apart.

As architect John Williams shared, even after your product has been specified and the project is underway, a variety of factors, including changing budgets and timelines, may alter the spec.

Here are three practical strategies to help you increase the likelihood of having your product specified:


Determine what truly makes your brand and product different from the competition and consider looking beyond product features and benefits. Points of differentiation to consider include:

  • National distribution – making it more readily available for projects nearly anywhere
  • Best-in-class performance – something an architect would confidently put his name on
  • Top notch customer service – serving as a go-to resource will promote a more seamless experience for architects


It’s not enough to just respond to an architect’s inquiry about your product. Proactive product manufacturers can get a leg up on the competition by anticipating an architect’s needs. An architect’s time is extremely valuable so make their job easier by offering advice early in the project development stage. For example, is there a way to help the architect come in under budget for a given project? Demonstrate your understanding of an architect’s world and offer cost-saving suggestions to help deliver the best project possible.


Make it easier for an architect to work with you versus a competitive product’s representative. Architects don’t always have the answers and appreciate working with manufacturers who are direct, transparent and available. Being responsive and flexible will demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to the success of their project. Plans change frequently and a manufacturer who can quickly adapt will become an asset to the architect instead of a liability.

All of the technology in the world is no substitute for valuable relationships between manufacturers and architects. Following these three strategies will exponentially increase your odds of having your product specified.

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