The building materials landscape has fundamentally shifted post-COVID. Competitors aren’t just improving — they’re innovating with new sustainable products that solve labor shortage challenges. Big box retailers are squeezing prices down with their own brands while reducing shelf space, introducing new competitors, and escalating pricing wars. 

In your corner of the marketing world, you face tightened budgets, increased pressure to show ROI, and internal stakeholder alignment that seems almost impossible to achieve. With the BPM landscape evolving so fast, every action, every dollar, and every strategy needs to be laser-focused on moving the needle. 

Your next move? Focus on the audience already with you. Because when it comes to creating demand, there’s power in an engaged audience. That’s right. You don’t have to create a strategy that starts with generating awareness. Instead, take a targeted approach that speaks to those ready to act first.

This eBook hands you the marcomm blueprint to:

  • Ignite demand using your existing audience.
  • Deploy tactics that show swift returns.
  • Unlock demand generation tools you’ve overlooked.
  • Understand the role of paid media in amplifying your strategy’s reach.
  • Create a winning strategy on time and within budget.

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