Like a blueprint, your building material brand’s marketing and communications (marcomm) strategy is a plan of action. It’s your guide and your guardrails. Without it, you just have high costs and chaos. And with a limited budget and multiple stakeholders, that’s exactly what you need to avoid.  

Many standard marcomm strategies focus on generating broad awareness and finding a fresh audience first. And that makes sense. You can’t engage and excite an audience you simply don’t have. Right?

Think again. Because you already have an audience — a loyal one — and it may be bigger than you think. By starting your strategy focused on them, you’re not only using your marketing budget wisely, but you’re also proving success early on. This backward strategy still includes using your channel partners and paid media, but only after you’ve focused on the audience most likely to convert.

This eBook will let you in on a way to craft a winning marcomm strategy you haven’t considered before. You’ll learn:

  • What creating a strategy backward looks like — and how you see more impact sooner.
  • The ‌game-changing tools you’re not using.
  • Where and how a paid media strategy plays a part in driving the scale of any strategy.

Download now and think backward to secure success.