REH Jordan Stewart December 1, 2022

Point to Point’s Brand Redevelopment Process Opened New Markets for Radiant Electric Heat

Radiant Electric Heat creates comfortable environments for its customers

Radiant Electric Heat manufactures radiant electric heat panels for commercial, institutional, and residential heating applications. Their product can be used alone as a heat source or can be integrated with existing VRF system layouts or HVAC systems.  

The Challenge: Leverage a re-engineered product to change the perception of the category

The electric heating category didn’t have a legacy of being a superior stand-alone product. Historically, electric heat was thought to work best as a supplemental heating solution to assist solutions like VRF or VRV in achieving higher heating temperatures. Additionally, electric heat typically provides limited downward radiant, lessening the impact of the heating element.

But Radiant Electric Heat re-engineered their panels, coating them with ceramic to provide further downward radiation. In addition, the updated panels could continue to radiate heat even after they cycled off. That meant lower operating costs — and more comfortable temperatures — for users.

Additionally, Radiant Heat Electric had compelling examples of ways to improve the efficiency of electric heat as a supplemental solution. Armed with a superior product and impactful use cases, they needed help telling their story.


The Solution: An updated brand story for a unique marketplace solution

Point to Point followed our proven brand revitalization process — conducting stakeholder interviews, performing a competitive audit, and gathering audience insights — to establish a new unique value proposition (UVP) for Radiant Electric Heat. 

Warmer. Faster. Radiant heat panels provide higher comfort at lower thermostat settings.

The new UVP is specific enough to speak to the value that Radiant Electric Heat offers its customers today, but also broad enough to encompass the company’s future. Point to Point also overhauled the website to give the brand a stronger visual identity that matches the updated messaging — all guided by their new UVP.

Additionally, we developed five core pieces of content to amplify the “why electric heat” message. This gives website visitors additional details on Radiant Electric Heat’s product and its performance and furthers the brand’s expertise as a leader in the electric heat market. It also provides the sales team with consistent materials to use during outbound prospecting.


The Results: A value proposition that opened new markets for the brand


Stronger messaging about electric heat has opened new markets for Radiant Electric Heat, including healthcare, education, and fitness facilities, as well as multi-family units


With the new UVP, Radiant Electric Heat has also been able to meet the needs of a variety of audiences — specifiers, facility managers, and building owners


The website revamp has led to strong improvements in overall website metrics, with the number of site visitors growing month over month