OSI Siding Sweepstakes Jordan Stewart February 24, 2023

Point to Point Connects an Industry-Leader With More Qualified Contacts

OSI is well-known in the industry, but wanted to reach even more installation professionals

As the leading window and door sealant manufacturer, tradesmen know OSI. Their robust portfolio of construction sealants, adhesives, foams, and tapes is a leader in the industry.

But OSI wanted to reach more of their audience with the story of their products and the reasons why they are–and should continue to be–the first choice of installation professionals.

The Challenge: Build a first-party database and generate qualified leads

OSI sought to increase their owned data in order to more effectively market to industry professionals interested in their brand. 

To capture the highest quality contacts possible, they aimed to build their first-party data for window and door installers without purchasing a list. OSI needed a powerful way to reach this niche audience — one that would encourage installers to share personal information with the brand. 

Additionally, OSI wanted to identify leads that were closer to a purchasing decision and share those with their sales team for more targeted follow-up.


The Solution: Launch a sweepstakes to generate high-volume responses

Using our demand creation capability, Point to Point created a strategy that spoke directly to the needs of window and door installers. This audience is continuously looking for partners who can help them in key areas — namely, more accurate and consistent color matching, upskilling, and team training. 

With that insight in mind, we crafted messaging and creative assets that positioned OSI as the partner with the exact products, methods, and tools that would elevate critical aspects of their business.

A paid media campaign focused on gathering the highest quantity of contacts possible. A sweepstakes offering the chance to win OSI siding products and gear was promoted to the target audience in exchange for their contact information. 

Once contacts were identified, Point to Point leveraged OSI’s owned channels. Contacts received more market segment-specific messages based on their attributes and online activities.  

Image of OSI Siding campaign Facebook carousel ad.
Image of OSI Siding campaign social story (left) and video ad (right).
Image of OSI Siding campaign landing page (left) and email sample (right).

The Results: Increased database contacts and an evolved focus on demand creation

Point to Point used our measurement and learning agenda process to establish four core objectives for the campaign:

  • Total number of responses
  • Percentage of total responses that are professionals in the target audience
  • Response rates to different campaign messages
  • Geographic areas that index higher in engagement

The campaign delivered results beyond initial expectations. OSI has increased the number of qualified first-party contacts. With a significantly improved first-party database, they can continue to target these contacts and nurture them through the sales process.

Point to Point’s work also led to ‌an evolution in how OSI thinks about demand creation. The integrated campaign approach focused first on generating a high volume of contacts, and targeted follow-up campaigns created a model that will continue to drive sales for the OSI brand.

Capabilities used: Brand Redevelopment

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