OSI Jordan Stewart October 10, 2022

Over 230% Sales Growth Due to Point to Point’s Brand Redevelopment

A fresh, competitive edge for a long-trusted window and siding product brand

OSI is the industry leader in window and siding sealants and adhesives. Their robust portfolio of construction sealants, adhesives, foams, and tapes is widely known throughout the industry. And they pride themselves on empowering their customers and end users with knowledge and expertise to use in the field.

But their competitors were developing new products (with alternative technologies), pushing OSI out of the market’s spotlight. 

To correct this, parent company Henkel chose to invest in the brand, developing new innovative products and a best-in-class online training program. This initiative empowered OSI to engage installers, dealers, and specifiers with a more emotional brand story. And they called on Point to Point to lead the way, launching an updated OSI brand supported by their new flagship Quad MAX product.

A fresh, competitive edge for a long-trusted window and siding product brand

For a long time OSI relied on distributors and dealers to tell them what siding and window installers wanted out of their products. While dealers know their fair share about installations, they aren’t the ones toughing it out on a snowy job site in February. The ones whose reputations are on the line when they receive just one callback about a job gone wrong.

OSI knew this. As they contemplated the new narrative around their brand and how to make the launch of Quad MAX a success, they knew they needed to do things differently. They needed to connect with installers directly to support the channel, while also giving dealers and distributors renewed enthusiasm about OSI and their products. 

Point to Point’s objectives were clear: To specifically understand window and siding installers’ motivations and needs and how to best connect with them. They had to reclaim OSI leadership as the market leader — fast.

The Solution: A New Brand Identity, Positioning, and Product Launch Plan

We started by having conversations — with the brand and with end-users. Through internal and end-user stakeholder interviews and competitive analysis, we were able to devise a strategy that included: what was true about QUAD MAX, what installers were facing on the job site, and what OSI’s competitors couldn’t live up to. We showed end users different creative executions and headlines. What resonated best was: 

Tougher Than the Elements

The Results: Exponential Sales Growth, High Demand, and More.


Over 230% sales growth in year one.


Expansion into a new segment market.


Demand that outpaced production.


Consistent double digital year over year sales growth since the revitalization.


Continuous brand evolution.