Momentum Jordan Stewart February 3, 2023

Point to Point Used Brand Redevelopment to Reclaim a Brand’s Position and Improve Customer Experience

Momentum is transforming design

Momentum is an industry-leading supplier of commercial wallcoverings and textiles. The company’s focus on continuous innovation and setting new industry standards has helped them deliver products that transform spaces in a number of industries.

The Challenge: Take control of the brand story and improve customer perception

Despite having a solid list of brand descriptors — innovative, sustainable, service-oriented, community-minded — Momentum wasn’t telling a clearly defined story. As a result, competitors were shaping the narrative. And it wasn’t favorable.

This negatively impacted Momentum’s perception of the brand in the market. But Momentum had a lot to be proud of. They just needed to do a better job of telling their story.

Momentum also needed an updated website for customers. The ability to easily order product samples plays a significant part in a commercial interior designer’s material selection process. But the legacy Momentum website was challenging to navigate, making it difficult for designers to request needed samples.

The Solution: A redefined brand that considered unique customer segments and needs

Momentum needed to identify a unique value proposition (UVP) and articulate why they are the clear choice in their category. Momentum’s UVP then needed to be tailored to the nuanced needs of different vertical segments — hospitality, healthcare, workplace, and education.

Point to Point’s process started with stakeholder interviews followed up by competitive research, along with web and specification data. This combination of findings led to the identification of four brand pillars that clearly speak to Momentum’s uniqueness in the market.

Guided by the new UVP, we then rethought Momentum’s website and created an updated experience that is more aligned with what their customers expect. 

The contemporary, user-centric approach included:

  • User journeys based on customer personas and high-need areas
  • More modern design to guide the customer through the website
  • Best-in-class e-commerce tooling to enable seamless sample ordering

The Result: A reclaimed market leadership position as indicated by increased customer engagement

The marriage of brand revitalization messaging and creative design (with a lens toward customer experience) helped Momentum reclaim a market leadership position.

The improved tech experience makes it easy for customers to do business with the brand and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to high standards.

As a result of Point to Point’s work, Momentum saw:


Increased customer engagement across all channels.


The most significant number of website visitors and active customers ever.

Capabilities used: Brand Redevelopment

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