DuraSeal pointtopoint September 8, 2022

Point to Point's Paid and Owned Media Strategy Drove 100% of Conversions for New Loyalty Program

DuraSeal’s Pro Rewards Program needed participants from a niche contractor audience

DuraSeal is the industry leader in hardwood floor stains and finishes for hardwood flooring contractors. Made in America, the premium wood floor finishing manufacturer has been around since 1898.

DuraSeal came to us for help in revitalizing its brand. Despite being the top choice for stains and sealants for hardwood floor professionals, DuraSeal was challenged by new European market entrance and domestic competitors.

To fuel our strategy, we did extensive customer research, internal stakeholder interviews, value prop identification and logo creation, and color palette exploration. The result was a reinvigorated DuraSeal brand with customer-focused value propositions and a stronger and more contemporary-looking logo. Additionally, the refreshed visual approach highlights the passion and dedication of hardwood flooring contractors.

The brand relaunched across product packaging and sales materials, as well as in distributor locations and online.

The Challenge: Reach a Segmented Contractor Audience and Convince Them to Enroll in a Loyalty Program

Though revitalization was pivotal in keeping the DuraSeal name competitive internationally, they knew they couldn’t just sit back and relax. DuraSeal needed ways to keep the brand exciting and relevant to their audiences as they launched new products and programs.

The ProRewards program was introduced as a loyalty-building incentive that would serve as a differentiator. By signing up, hardwood flooring professionals would be rewarded for consistently buying DuraSeal stains, sealers and finishes with 5% cash back benefits at select merchants.

But targeting such a segmented audience can be tricky, especially without robust first-party data. DuraSeal trusted us to help target the right audience and spark sign-ups for their new program.

Updating and relaunching the DuraSeal brand was a critical component in continuing DuraSeal’s growth and adoption of new products & programs.

The Solution: Leverage Paid Media and Owned Channels to Drive Enrollment

The hardwood flooring contractors audience we needed to target was very niche. To find them, we utilized CRM list match backs, keyword targeting, lookalike audiences, and existing data on programmatic and social platforms.

We tested a variety of paid ads on social media to see what would work best. We discovered that 50% of conversions came through a paid ad with copy that read, “A loyalty program that works as hard as you.”

We also introduced an email nurturing campaign, focusing on onboarding new program participants and letting them know about new program offers.

The Results: Paid and Owned Media Strategy Drove Enrollment

The program was a success. It was renewed for another year and expanded to include new tactics and a higher budget.

The paid and owned campaign components drove 95% of the site traffic and 100% of the enrollment.


DuraSeal garnered significant interest from new potential customers not currently utilizing their products.


This audience and campaign were the catalysts for DuraSeal’s first email nurture sequence.