As a digital B2B marketing agency, it’s our goal to bring innovative and relevant ideas to our clients so they can increase engagement for their brands. Of course these are not just any clients or any marketing ideas: we focus exclusively on B2B clients looking for proven digital marketing solutions that will get more target prospects aligned around their brand stories.

To highlight this mission, each member of the PTP Management Team recently was asked to answer the following questions with our clients in mind:

  • What are a few of your current priorities?
  • Can you talk about a marketing trend, approach or strategy that you’d like to put into action this year? Also, why does this trend interest you now?

Here’s what they had to say:

Mark Goren, CEO

Current priorities: This year I’d like to think less about the the idea that just writing content, any content, is what drives engagement. Instead, I think we need to integrate brand stories with more of the emotional considerations that differentiate certain brands along with information that directly responds to buyers’ needs.

Approach to try: I’m interested in collaborating with companies and building out full martech stacks that provide much richer insight into buyer behaviors and guide in the process of creating higher levels of engagement. We’re in the era of tools that connect the dots to tell the real story of attribution so marketers can understand how the entire engagement ecosystem works. We’re in the early innings of knowing more to make better and smarter decisions to create content that engages.

Ken Holmes, Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Current priorities: I believe that a creative story targeted to the ideal audience is what allows a campaign to resonate with a customer. So determining the balance of both and how success is attributed remains a priority for me.

Approach to try: The fact is, the core fundamentals of marketing have never really changed. However, the tools we as marketers now have available to us make those fundamentals much more effective to achieve. So I’m excited to continue evolving campaigns to incorporate more and more intelligence, in terms of utilizing data gathered from customers and being able to synthesize that data so it can be actioned on in real time. For many years we’ve had access to tools that provide sophisticated data, but now customers have been trained to expect that. Understanding as a marketer on how to constantly deliver upon that expectation is vital.

Megan Kacvinsky, Partner, Client Delivery

Current priorities: The ability to get in-market quickly with measurable ROI is a constant for our clients. What gets me excited about coming to work every day is how do we do this creatively — What unique brand stories are we telling? How can martech get us there faster? How much impact can we drive?

Approach to try: The need for focus has never been more important. The competition for customers’ attention and for marketing investment in tooling, infrastructure and media dollars has never been more fierce. This means we need to be prepared with more focused, differentiated customer insights. Focus and alignment between sales and marketing. Focus on a particular martech stack and what you really need (and really don’t need) in order to execute flawlessly and drive results.

Jake Kellogg, Vice President, Creative Director

Current Priorities: I’m focused on telling a brand’s story about their product or service in the way only they can to connect with their customers — all the while across an omnichannel digital strategy.

Approach to try: I’d like to continue to push our clients forward with video and video content. Video views are estimated to make up about 82% of web traffic by the end of 2019. B2B clients are starting to see the potential of video and how it can be a core driver of a campaign. What layers into that would be vertical video and live video streams which offer audiences different ways of engaging with the content and the brand that are continuing to match their everyday behaviors.

The common core behind these observations, is ultimately twofold: We’re going to continue to focus on using the right tools to understand different kinds of buyers, to a greater extent than in the past. Then, with this new information, we’re going to create a variety of content types that speak to specific groups of buyers, answering their questions and making them feel that reaching a buying decision has just become the easiest thing they have to do today.

If these new approaches for 2019 sound interesting to you, get in touch with us. We’ll chat with you about building out a plan to decode your buyers’ motivations and get them engaged.