Point To Point study shows manufacturers where they’re missing the mark with this critical audience in the building supplies industry

CLEVELAND — August 23, 2016 — Point To Point, a demand generation agency, has published findings from its 2016 research study indicating there are untapped business opportunities for manufacturers of building products within the distribution segment.

The agency shares insights from the findings as well as marketing recommendations to help building products manufacturers better engage distributors in its whitepaper, “Why Building Products Brands Are Falling Short With Distributors.”

Serving the building products segment has been a specialization and area of focus for the agency over its 30-plus year history.

The report is based on a 2016 survey conducted by Point To Point, in which 499 U.S.-based building products distributors were asked about their business pain points, preferences and plans.

“The distribution segment of the building products market is a critically important audience for manufacturers,” says Point To Point CEO Mark Goren. “Distributors continue to have the strongest relationships with contractors, and they have the greatest potential to make or break the success of a building products brand.”

Goren explains the agency embarked on the study to gain deeper insights on this muffled segment of the building products industry, which has felt pressure from both online retailers and big box stores for contractors’ business. Ignoring or overlooking these forces now would be a mistake for building products brands, Goren says.

“The reality of the business has changed significantly for distributors. However our study indicates many manufacturers haven’t changed how they engage their distributors, and it shows there are some new opportunities for them.”

Among the research findings is evidence that distributors are receptive to a host of new resources:

  • Close to a third of respondents are interested in more installation training from manufacturers and nearly 40% desire more sales support.
  • Manufacturer-led training need not be homogeneous: Distributors would welcome virtual, on-demand and online training options as well as in-person events.
  • Distributors’ move to digital is established and growing: Close to half of respondents plan to invest in online or digital technology this year, and online sales account for a growing share of their business.

Details on these and other findings from the study, along with marketing recommendations for manufacturers, are presented in the whitepaper, “Why Building Products Brands Are Falling Short With Distributors.”

The free whitepaper is available for immediate download from Point To Point’s website.

About Point To Point

Point To Point is a premier B2B demand generation agency based in Cleveland Ohio. Recognized as a thought-leader in Engineering Demand for B2B brands, the company is a growth partner specializing in the building products, industrial manufacturing and food manufacturing segments. The company leverages strategy, technology and analytics to deliver clients deep insights into the buyer’s journey, focus the promise of the brand across channels, and create differentiated customer engagement in the right time, place and context. For more information, visit www.PointToPoint.com or engage with Point To Point on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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