Demystify specification.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to identify opportunities to improve your performance on specification sites. You’ll gain a better understanding of the specification landscape and why these sites are so important for your brand performance.

In the companion blog to this one, we covered the who, what and why of specification sites. We shared how to maximize your spec site investment and the reasons behind it. Here, we’ll share ways in which you can improve the return on investment.

Get More From Spec Sites

With a better understanding of specification in place, your plan should have actionable steps you can take to dig into, and improve your spec site programs.

Audit Your Presence Compared To Your Competitors

You’re going to have to discover the gaps in your product spec listings. Start by comparing yours and competitors’ listings. Search their profiles and products. See how they’re being promoted. Continuously monitor them to look for opportunities.
Then, ensure that all of your new products are available. Update any information and content that becomes outdated. Make a plan on how to revise and close the gaps. Determine what drives higher rankings and make sure that you’re well positioned against your competition.

Review And Audit Your Spec Site Agreements

Are you receiving everything that you agreed to from your spec sites? Are you receiving all the items that you paid for? Contact your representative and create a plan to have undelivered items fulfilled.
Be proactive. Close any gaps in your agreement, such as with promotions or content placements. Know if you have bonuses or added value opportunities. Keep up with new features being offered by your spec sites.

When you have all this knowledge, negotiate with them. We recently worked with a client to do a two-year agreement at a 10% discount. They saved thousands of dollars simply by committing to a two year agreement.

Review Performance Reports From Each Site

Review reports from the sites each month to determine where you can improve your performance. Look for areas where you’re missing opportunities with certain project types or geographies. Project types may include residential, commercial or public.
Know your spec rates. Confirm that your leading products are being spec’d. If not, understand why and what you can do to fix it. Areas to include content and keywords. Find any factors that are limiting your products’ visibility.

Of course, always pay attention to your competition. Review how they’re performing. Some spec sites allow you to see this info on the online dashboards.

Make It Easy & Work The Leads

Embrace the data. Learn what data your spec sites provide as far as leads.
Audit the quality of your leads and review them with your sales team. Determine who on the team will be responsible for working the leads. Conduct outreach to the leads and test different scripts, offers and contact types. This can be as simple as email versus phone calls.

Above all, stay consistent with your approach.

Want to talk about your marketing planning?
As the new year fast approaches, now’s the time to strategize on how you’ll implement spec sites into your planning. If you have any questions about the approach or want to discuss ideas, please reach out and set up some time to meet with our VP, Strategy, Jake Kellogg.