The demand generation landscape for the building material products (BPM) industry has undergone significant shifts in recent years. You know it because you’ve lived it. You rode the wave of home improvement projects and new construction driven by government incentives. 

And the resulting supply chain disruptions had your team focused on the channel and top customers, meaning marketing campaigns sat on the back-burner. But now, as home improvement projects are trending towards smaller updates, the commercial market is facing a vacancy crisis slowing down construction, corporate and personal discretionary income is decreasing and the cost of funds is the highest level in 22-years – the pressure is back on.

Now is time for your BPM brand to compete — and the stakes have never been higher.

You must prove ROI with limited budgets, shrinking resources, and teams that are chronically detached from one another, too.

It’s harder than it ever has been, sure. But it’s not impossible, especially when you shift your mindset about demand generation and adopt a few new approaches. To attract the right audience, engage with them, and drive decisive conversions — all at the right time in their buyer’s journey — you must:

  • Get your first-party data in order
  • Understand the nuance in your channels
  • Make sure your messages have meaning
  • Tear down the walls between your sales and marketing teams
  • Lean on an agency’s expertise to navigate the new landscape

This eBook shows you how. Download now to learn what it takes to compete in today’s uber-competitive BPM industry landscape and come out on top.